The contributions of Ms. Nancy Lee, Deputy CEO of Millennium Challenge Corporation, after visiting the projects financed by MCC in Senegal

2015’s first semi-annual meeting of the Southern Zone Stakeholders Committee

photo reunion 2015 comite parties prenantes de la zone sud

Beneficiaries satisfied with work quality and adherence to deadline

­Comprising the project’s direct beneficiaries, entities involved or with an interest in program implementation, government representatives, and representatives from social and professional, private sector and civil society organizations, the Stakeholders Committee (CPP) is a statutory body of the Compact, which is responsible for monitoring its various projects.

Interview: Mr. Alioune Mané, Project Manager for MCA construction lot 1

Mr. Alioune Mane, what is the level of work completion of lot 1 of National Road 6 (RN6)?

Overall, work completion is at around 40% to 50%. Now, if we discuss this in detail, for the coating layer, we have 17% for the coating and 15% for the pavement. You know that the road is partly made up of a concrete coating and partly of self-locking paving stones, including in compressible areas. As for the sub-base, we are overall at around 75%. For both the stabilized base layer and the continuous base layer binding, we are at 25%.